Determining if a File within Google Drive is Owned By or Shared With You


This article describes how to determine if a file within your Google My Drive is owned by or shared with you. If you give Editor access for a folder to another individual, then they can create files within your My Drive. However, they will own the files. Regardless of the location of the file, storage goes against the file's owner. So, if ownership is transferred, storage goes against new owner. Transferring ownership of a folder does not transfer ownership of files within the folder. Each file must be explicitly transferred.


  1. Log in to Google Drive.
  2. Navigate to the file or folder in question.
  3. To evaluate all files in a folder, use the List Layout view. You can toggle between List Layout and Grid Layout view by clicking on the Layout toggle in the upper right.
    1. In this view, the Owner column will tell you who owns the files within the folder.

  4. To evaluate a specific file, use the Grid Layout view.
    1. In this view, click on the vertical ellipsis associated with the file and select View Details.
    2. Scroll down till you see the Owner detail within this view.



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